Feb 14, 2019

UPDATE of Champagne dispenser

Champagne Dispenser UPDATE

UPDATE of my first (favorite πŸ˜‹) dispenser
Click redelivery if u got it or buy if you still dont!
Click on Champagne bucket to be offered male and female options. Notice your mouth will open slightly while drinking, with each sip the level in the glass lowers and empties in 10 minutes.
Owner has the ability to continue holding the glass, indefinitely. There are also glasses that can be worn, included in your inventory. There is also a wearable version of the champagne bucket but you must be on land where you can rez objects. 
While holding a glass, say "cheers" in local and everyone holding a glass will raise their own glass and sip from it.

Included: 2 bucket colors and 4 bottle colors available via hud.

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