About me

Ocean wants me

Fashion blogger, Creator (footwear, jewelries, decor)

Was born in SL 06/27/2008,

Pretty old for games and cheats, 

Can't stand stupid, cheap, infantile, omnivorous, envious  people.


  1. hello
    I am part of Love Dona Flora but I don’t know how it works with bloggers. May I send you one of my 10 creations to the event? All my creations will be 100% for Squinternet Larnia. Thank you

    bacidalucia Oh

  2. Hello excuse the disorder and my English :) I and three other partners are organizing a sales room and wanted to know if you might be interested in us as a blogger. let me know if you like I'll explain better and if you want I'll show you the room :) if you want to contact me directly my nick in SL is Tempesta Arun