Jun 16, 2015

Piece of summer

Piece of summer

Piece of summer
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JAC Boat Shack V1.0 - REDGRAVE
Code Fireplace by Tartessos Arts
Carpet by Kunst 
lounging chair by dust bunny @ The Arcade Gacha Event 
Big Red Poinsettia by Terashop 
Outdoor Couch - Cotton by Kalopsia Kustom9 NEW
fresh strawberry water by dust bunny @ The Arcade Gacha Event 
Magazine Pile (Summer Edition) by Kalopsia Kustom9 NEW
boho curtain.by junk 
Distressed White Pedestal Table w Coffee Set by La Galleria NEW
Tenderness Canopy by ZERKALO @ LTD  NEW
Tenderness Bed Snow by ZERKALO @ LTD  NEW
Tenderness Bedside Table by ZERKALO @ LTD  NEW
Pug cafe - Chair by Birdy @ The Arcade Gacha Event 
Summer Wood - Sunshine by Kalopsia Kustom9 NEW
Metal Lamp by Kalopsia Kustom9 NEW
 Amore Books  by NOMAD 
Amore Loveletters  by NOMAD 
Amore Moon & Stars  by NOMAD 
Bouquet with 15 red Roses MT by Terashop 
 Signe bleached canvas rug by ARIA FAMESHED 
 Signe sectional sofa by ARIA FAMESHED 
 Signe coffee table by ARIA FAMESHED 
 Peridot  potted succulent plant by ARIA FAMESHED 
 Signe potted narcissus papyraceus by ARIA FAMESHED 
 Cinnamon hearted buns by Aphrodite
 Signe floor light by ARIA FAMESHED 
Signe zamioculcas potted plant by ARIA FAMESHED 
Signe framed print - Splash by ARIA FAMESHED 
 Signe leaning shelf (decorated) by ARIA FAMESHED 
Boho Dreamtime Canopy and Hammock by Cheeky Pea @ LTD  NEW
Cheeky Mailer and Flag - Cats by Cheeky Pea Kustom9 NEW

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