Feb 9, 2016

Drama - commercial prefab by Abiss

Drama - commercial prefab by Abiss

Drama - commercial prefab by Abiss

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Drama - commercial prefab by Abiss NEW

Building facts:
100% mesh structure ( everything is mesh) 
Easy to rezz 
No script lag 
Low texture lag 
Catchy looks 
Browse friendly - customers will love it 
Commercial prefab ready
Package contains 2 versions- default and double, mirrored version
Version 1:
Footprint: 16x26 m 
Parcel Size Required: 512sq. meters or larger 
Prims: 44
Version 2 ( double size, mirrored version):
Footprint: 32x26 m 
Parcel Size Required: 1024sq. meters or larger 
Prims: 88
Additional Info:- Does not contain rezzer - its not needed 

- There are no scripts whatsoever. No texture change. 
- Structure is being sold as displayed in-world. 
- Inside of store is set to full bright for best visual experience. 
- counter can be removed (shadow is not baked but separate object) 
- If unlinked prim count raises significantly >30% (normal SL behavior on mesh objects) 
- outer and inner walls are separated - outside is set to normal sl light behavior, inside is locked as full bright

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