Nov 28, 2015

When it's coming

When it's coming
click pic for bigger sizes

Sewing Table by Kalopsia LOST and FOUND NEW 
Old wood chair - Dark/Red by Kalopsia LOST and FOUND NEW 
Wood Tree - Big Light by Kalopsia Tannenbaum Event NEW 
Christmas Latte by Kalopsia LOST and FOUND NEW 
Blocks - Love by Kalopsia Tannenbaum Event NEW 
Snowman Donut Plate by Sari-Sari Tannenbaum Event NEW 
Reindeer Donut Plate by Sari-Sari Tannenbaum Event NEW 
Christmas Light Decor by Sari-Sari Wayward Market 
Ballerina.Glass RARE by -Pixicat- @ The Arcade Gacha NEW  SOON
Poetry Frames by Pure Poison The Arcade Gacha NEW  SOON

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