May 18, 2015

New furns

Beau beginning of the day

Wine time

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rock sign floor by revival 6th Republic 
 Industrial couch by DRD 6th Republic 
Industrial wheel coffee table by DRD 6th Republic 
Industrial hanging lights by DRD 6th Republic 
book pile leather brown by revival 6th Republic 
Wine Set Used by YS&YS Shop Shiny Shabby NEW
Felix Cabinet - Pine by MUDHONEY 6th Republic 
bell jar by revival 6th Republic 
Felix Mirror by MUDHONEY 6th Republic 
Wine Books by YS&YS Shop Shiny Shabby NEW
Hustle Hand Saw(cick font to change color) by Kalopsia
George Carpet by Atelier Visconti TLC NEW!

Julie's Bed (PG) by Kalopsia Collabor 88 NEW
Julie's Sweet Tray by Kalopsia Collabor 88 NEW
Hanging Stars by Kalopsia Collabor 88 NEW
Rhodes windowseat - white by Second spaces The Home Show 2015 

 industrial daybed sand by revival 6th Republic 
tube chandelier by revival 6th Republic 
Rusty Ole Clock by Kalopsia
garden tree by tarte 6th Republic 
 clock by revival 6th Republic 
rock sign floor by revival 6th Republic 
cart seater light by revival 6th Republic 
Pillows by PILOT 6th Republic 
original stool brown by revival 6th Republic 
Spring Flowers by Kalopsia Collabor 88 NEW
cart table by revival 6th Republic 
round rug. floral circle by junk
Yummies by -Glam Affair- The Kawaii project NEW 
Arialle Converted Loft by Scarlet Creative