May 6, 2015

Industrial noon

Industrial noon
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retractable seat dining table  by oyasumi @ 6th Republic NEW! 
 hanging chain light  by oyasumi @ 6th Republic NEW! 
industrial wall shelf  by oyasumi @ 6th Republic NEW! 
skinny leg storage  by oyasumi @ 6th Republic NEW! 
Industrio Magazine Bin by David Heather6th Republic NEW! 
Old Calculator / WOOD  by S O R G O @ 6th Republic NEW! 
Old Phone / WOOD  by S O R G O6th Republic NEW! 
Old Books  by S O R G O6th Republic NEW! 
Creative Mind / CREME  by S O R G O6th Republic NEW! 
The Industrial Side - Letters by Apt B6th Republic NEW! 
 bell jar by revival 6th Republic NEW! 
Industrio Vase1 by David Heather6th Republic NEW! 
Industrio Notebooks by David Heather6th Republic NEW! 
Industrio Lamp/Rust by David Heather6th Republic NEW! 
book pile leather black by revival6th Republic NEW! 
 a faint glow  by :HAIKEI:6th Republic NEW! 
The Heights Studio Apartment by Pixel Mode @ 6th Republic NEW! 

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