Dec 17, 2013

My house Vol. II

New year tree by Tartessos Arts
Mink Rug by The Loft
Chair by encore
Ram Chaise (Dark Chocolate) by Apple Fall
Table by Trompe Loeil
Arizona-Newspaper stand by Bazar 
Gift boxes by What Next and LISP
Globe by Stand By
Bottles by :YONEYA:
Antler Chandelier by [Tia]
Pictures by La Galleria
Single Tree & Snowflake Christmas Collage free by La Galleria
Christmas Fireplace Garland - Colorful Star free by La Galleria
MESH Christmas Centerpiece  by La Galleria
Cards by LISP
Chateau Fire by Apple Fall
Socks by Apple Fall
Love Letters L by Scarlet Creative 
Woodstock by Apple Fall GACHA
Shelves by Apple Fall
 Chest of drawers  by Erratic The Arcade Gacha Event
Sleepy Italian Greyhound - Red by +Half-Deer+ @ The Garden NEW!
Empire Table Lamp by Apple Fall
Keys papers by Pilot
Let's Play Scrabble by Scarlet Creative 
Bed by Trompe Loeil
Brunch tray by Follow US
Rug by La Galleria 
Adult Toy Box by Pilot
Slippers by NOTsoBAD
Cookie tree by KURO
Belted logs by KURO
Empire Coffee Table and chair by Apple Fall
Cosmetics by Tres Blah GACHA
Curtains by Bazar and MMG
Kilim floor sofa by Melino
Cage Candles by Tartessos Arts
Maneken  by Tres Blah GACHA
Lights  by HappyMood
Mont Blanc Fireplace by Atelier Visconti NEW!
Grizzly Rug by FANATIK
Christmas Banner by Sari-Sari for FWH 20l only
Mont Blanc Step Stool by Atelier Visconti NEW!
Toronto-Closet by Bazar 
Castles by O.M.E.N The Arcade Gacha Event 
Number Train by BoOgErS GACHA
Candles by La Galleria
Backgammon by Second spaces GACHA
Vase by Apple Fall GACHA
Sushi by O.M.E.N GACHA
Sushi by *K* Store
Tangerines by Sari-Sari for FWH 20l only
Autumn Petite Cakes by Lark
Coffee by Ohmai for Atelier Kreslo

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