Jul 20, 2013

With love to Donna Flora

With love to Donna Flora
My dear friends I want you to know what happened to one of greatest SL creators – Donna Flora. Squinternet Larnia is very sick in real life – it’s cancer. It is scary come to grips with fact that we all are so uninsured from this awful disease that comes in lives of many people just out of the blue…  
Ms Larnia’s friends and people who know her personally decided to found The Love Donna Fundraiser (LM soon) to support Squinternet not only with our love and hope but with money as well. I am honored to be a lil involved in this high-minded impulse to help and support this wonderful sweet lady.
Please take a moment to read about the event. It will begin on July 25th and run through August 11th.
Visit the LoveDonnaFlora blog to know more about to sign up as a designer, blogger, or  leave a message for our Squinternet!
Also u can donate lindens to tip jars which are spreaded all over SL. One of them you may find here (by the Spirit Land Info Board). And of course you may buy amazing Donna Flora creations in her inworld store.

Don’t let yourself to stay out of this. Love you guys!